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Progress Report

The progress report is the schools way of giving parents a 'heads up' about how well their students doing so far with their academic success. The grades are based on at least 4 to 5 weeks of work per quarter.
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Parent/Teacher Conference

A parent-teacher conference is a face-to-face meeting between one teacher and one or both parents (or guardians) of a student. It is an opportunity to discuss a student's academic progress and social behavior. Lunch/Dinner will be provided.
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Family Center

The Family Center is used to help parents without internet access be able to access child's information through PowerSchool. We invite all parents to visit our school's Family Center and stay up-to-date on your child's educational journey. Please do not forget to create your parent portal.
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Dress Code Modifications

Dress Code Modifications:
Blue or Black Jeans are acceptable.
Shirt Solid Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Gray, Black, White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Beige, Maroon.
Shirt Styles: Dress (Button Down), Flannel. Shirts must be button up, not worn open.
Casual Friday's (Appropriate Clothing: No Royal Blue or Red)😁😁
If violated, we reserve the right to go back to previous dress code.
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Stepney's Corner

Welcome Back!!
I hope you had an Amazing Summer!! As you come back from break, please come ready to have a wonderful 18-19 school year. 8th, 7th, & 6th Graders- Be ready to explore and learn about new careers & colleges you would like to go into and develop more socio-emotional skills. Parents- Be sure to register students, review the student handbook & Dress Code, and meet with teachers. Let's make the 18-19 school year one of the best school years yet!!
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Fall Sports Meeting

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 6:00 PM in the Navajo Pine High School Cafeteria
✓For ALL Student-Athletes (cross country, football, HS volleyball, & MS volleyball)
✓Eligibility, Practice Schedules, and much more information for this school year.
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