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Laptop/Hotspot Return

Laptops, hotspots, chargers, and cases will be returned by students during school hours Tuesday May 24th and Wednesday May 25th. All items must be returned and in working condition.

Full Reentry In-Person

Good Evening,

FYI-As a reminder, for a frequently asked question that will be asked this week "Do all students have to return to school in-person on Monday ?" The answer is No. Although we would love to see all students back in school, and encourage students who have a lack of internet connection or need additional support to attend, they still have the choice of to remain in remote learning. With a safe school environment, we encourage as many students as possible to join us in-school. Any questions, please contact Mr. Stepney @[email protected]

Stay Safe!

2022/2023 School Calendar

GMCS Proposed Calendar for FY23
*This calendar is currently the subject of collective bargaining with the union and may change.

We are hiring

Tune in to New Mexico Living to hear about the exciting job opportunities.

March is Read Across America month

Parents and students get lost in a book over the break. Make a cozy area to read all your books. You can visit your school or public library to pick out a book or visit our Discovery Center page where you will find thousands of online, age-appropriate books and resources.

2023 Budget Survey

Our main priority is our students, their education, safety, and knowing the facilities we have are providing an adequate learning experience. We value your honest opinion and input on the things that matter. We have provided a link for a short survey about how to best spend our 2023 funds. We request your assistance with completing this survey by March 31, 2022.
Your participation is greatly appreciated.
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