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Full Reentry In-Person

Good Evening,

FYI-As a reminder, for a frequently asked question that will be asked this week "Do all students have to return to school in-person on Monday ?" The answer is No. Although we would love to see all students back in school, and encourage students who have a lack of internet connection or need additional support to attend, they still have the choice of to remain in remote learning. With a safe school environment, we encourage as many students as possible to join us in-school. Any questions, please contact Mr. Stepney

Stay Safe!

GO Fans Ticket Purchasing

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With McKinley County in Green status, we will eventually be opening our gym to 25% capacity with 6 ft social distancing guidelines and NMAA guidelines for spectators. This means we have a capacity for 72 individuals in our Gym. Please start familiarizing your self with the process of buying tickets online as we will not have any tickets on site for purchasing. We will let you know when tickets are available for purchasing.

As a reminder, all individuals that are going to be spectators in the gym will have to wear mask when inside our building. There will be no concession stand or outside food allowed in the gym. Failure to comply to our rules will result in removal from the gym and forfeiture of the money spent for the tickets. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Stepney @ Please Note: We will not be allowing children into the game who do not have tickets. Children will not get in free this year.

Please use and review these videos for clarification of how buy tickets online. Please be sure to help older family members with purchasing of tickets as they will need buy tickets online. When purchasing of tickets is available, it will be shared

GoFan How to Buy Tickets

BACK TO SCHOOL with 100% Capacity

Back to School with 100% Capacity.
Parents still have the discretion to send or let their children remain in REMOTE LEARNING.
If you have any questions, concerns, or needed assistance. Please reach out.
Contact: 505-721-5300
Mr. Stepney's Email:
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